Microneedling is a collagen stimulating treatment that promotes skin rejuvenation and improves elasticity, reducing lines and wrinkles, smoothing uneven skin tone and reduces the appearance of sun damage and pigmentation. The treatment also reduces the appearance of acne scars and enlarged pores.


Experience a more radiant you

Microneedling is the latest results-led treatment at Elizabeth Milton Skincare Clinic.

A small sterilised needle pricks the skin to trigger a healing response that boosts collagen and elastin. This gives a renewed radiance.

To see the optimum results, a course of between 4 - 6 treatments (a month to 6 weeks a part) is recommended.

Enjoy the ultimate skincare experience

To give you the ultimate skincare experience, radio frequency alongside microneedling can further enhance the skins appearance by increasing the production of collagen.

A cooling mask is then applied which minimises redness and hydrates the skin, leaving a more refreshed look.

Each client will receive an aftercare pack which includes a cleanser and moisturiser which is formulated for this specific treatment.

Launch offers (Valid until Friday 2 September)

  • 1 microneedling treatment - £75 (Normally £90) 1 hour
  • 3 microneedling treatments - £230 (Normally £270)
  • 5 microneedling treatments - £360 (Normally £450)

Combined treatment with radio frequency

  • 1 microneedling and radio frequency - £105 (Normally £120) 1hr 25 mins
  • 3 microneedling and radio frequency - £305 (Normally £360)
  • 5 microneedling and radio frequency - £480 (Normally £600)

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